The powder can be dusted along cracks and crevices, door and window frames and in air bricks, along ant runs and, where an ants nest is found, it can be used to eliminate it completely. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); No-one likes to find ants running around in the kitchen or in and out of holes in the skirting board. We even have mouse traps and fly traps to make your living space safe and relaxing. The Rentokil Flying Insect Killer is an insecticidal spray for use against flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects in the home. The name NIPPON displayed the country of origin, meaning JAPAN. £3.99. Formulated to destroy the whole colony, it consists of a sweet, sugary gel which worker ants feed on and take back to the nest to the Queen. 0000003219 00000 n Molluscicides (slug and snail killers) such as metaldehyde and methiocarb. Nippon Ant Killer Powder will also control wasps, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and woodlice. Nippon Ant Killer Powder (500g puffer pack) The ideal treatment in difficult to reach areas. If the powder is borax powder it will do not harm unless you eat it . The system includes two ant traps and 25g of Nippon Ant Killer Liquid. Formulation Type: Dustable powder containing permethrin (0.488%) on a talc base. Spray it on the ants. 0000003799 00000 n Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic. 0000007372 00000 n Used as a topical treatment, it is sprayed directly... Maxforce LN ant bait stations are one of the most widely used traps for the control of ants by professional as they offer a highly targeted treatment with minimal environmental impact. Depending on how often the ants … 0000009691 00000 n This ant control powder from Raid effectively controls ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects. 0000006614 00000 n Free delivery when you spend over £50. It is not always easy to follow an ant trail or see where a nest may be, especially if the infestation is on a grassed or pathed area. You should always read the manufacturers instructions before using this product. Ants and crawling insects can be unwelcome visitors to homes and gardens, but Nippon has the solution to controlling them as quickly as possible. Colony... Ants can be a real problem, especially during the summer months, which is why many homes and businesses owners use STV Dual Action Ant Bait Gel to rid their properties of these common pests. INGREDIENT % w/w CLASSIFICATION CAS NO EC NO Permethrin 0.488 Xn N; R20/22, 43, 50/53 52645-53-1 258-067-9 4. Same day dispatch on most items with delivery times between 3 to 5 days, Nippon Ant Control System 2 Traps with 25g Liquid, Nippon Ant Killer Trap Bait Station Twin Pack, Nippon Ant Killer Powder for Ants and Crawling Insects, Nippon Ant and Crawling Insect Killer Aerosol 300ml, Zero In Dual Action Ant Bait Station Gel Trap Twin Pack, Residex P Crawling Insect Killer Powder for Bed Bugs Fleas and Ants, Nippon Baited Wasp Control System with Trap and Attractant, Rentokil Flying Insect Killer for Flies, Wasps and Mosquitoes 300ml. : Toxicity. View Product. From fertilisers, plant foods, composts and lawn products to highly effective weedkillers and pest control products used by everyone from weekend gardeners and gardening enthusiasts to professional growers, groundsmen and greenkeepers. 0000002989 00000 n ASPECTEK Safe and Practical Insect and Ant Killer Powder Duster 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,320. The active ingredient responsible for paralyzing insects upon contact. When you have a bug problem, you want to ensure your efforts are as simple and effective as possible. 0000001486 00000 n £11.95. No. The sweet bait is taken by worker ants back to the nest tofeed the Queen and the rest of … Ecotoxicity This product has not been tested but contains ingredients which are toxic or very toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. See off ants with ant killer, repel cats and dogs with friendly spray and say goodbye to slugs with our pellets. Slug pellets are sometimes eaten by cats and should not be used where cats can reach them – liquid formulations are preferred. Keeping your pet safe while using Raid When you get Raid Ant & Roach Killer or another Raid pest control product, make sure you first read the label on how to use it. In one, indoxacarb showed a faster effectiveness than the four active ingredients it was tested against, needing only six days to reach 100 percent control of the fire ant population. 0000009770 00000 n 0000007350 00000 n H�tTko�0�ί��� ����+UU���@��V��@)��h���ϟ�. Next day delivery on all orders. It should only be... Wasps tend to become one of the garden's major pests during June to September, but Nippon Wasp Control System can help keep them at bay so you can enjoy being outdoors. 0000004603 00000 n Nippon Ant Killer Powder from Vitax is ideal for the control of common black ants in and around the home. Toxicity: Nippon Ant & Crawling Insect Killer RTU LC50 fishes 1 3.78mg/l EC50 daphnia 1 6 mg/l ErC50 (algae) 188140 mg/l Cypermethrin cis/trans +/- 40/60 (52315-07-8) LC50 fishes 1 0.0028 mg/l (96h;salmo gairdneri) EC50 daphnia 1 0.0003 mg/l (48h; Daphnia magna) Insecticides (insect killers including ant and wasp killers) such as organophosphates and pyrethroids. Step 1 Combine a small amount of borax, sugar and hot water in a spray bottle and swirl, mixing thoroughly. 251 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 254 /H [ 1486 309 ] /L 125347 /E 82096 /N 3 /T 120208 >> endobj xref 251 33 0000000016 00000 n 12.1 Toxicity: 12.2 Persistence and degradability: no data ... Microsoft Word - Nippon Ant Killer Powder.docx Author: %PDF-1.3 %���� 0000005349 00000 n 0000005327 00000 n Active Ingredients of Ant Spray and Wasp Spray.