The Hausa’s belief system, their clothing style, food recipes, and even the wedding ceremony are all fascinating and have been existing for hundreds of years. However, Williamson (2002) argues that proto-Igboid migration would have moved down the Niger from a more northern area in the savannah and first settled close to the delta. On her wrist, the bride might choose to wear ivory wristbands, bracelets, bangles, or silver and gold chains. This loincloth was often kept in one place by a belt or fastened at the back. Well, you will not see an Igbo businessman in a loincloth, but farmers and sportsmen who spent most of the day under the hot sun often dress up in a loincloth and choose to wear a wrapper above. Modern Igbo kids are usually dressed up and look very cute. You can also see them wearing amazing necklaces, pretty earrings, handbags decorated with beads, anklets and even styling their hair with the lovely coral décor. They have a wide range of choices of material from silk, George, damask, print, machine print, lace, or any other material they'd like. Igbo culture is also influenced by European colonization and modern fashion styles. Most men in everyday life wear the simple cotton robes (wrappers) with a light shirt and sandals. Abacha can be eaten as a snack or a full meal served with dry fish or ponmo (cow skin). The head tie is an important part of the outfit and is important when wearing a blouse and wrapper. A heavy brooch is introduced into the coral beads, and a rose can be placed on the blouse's shoulder for dramatic effect. The other crops they grow include corn (maize), melons, okra, pumpkins, and beans. Tiv Nation. Okeke, H.N. Finally, Igbo traditional men’s clothing is complimented with white and red bangles – an accessory which all the members of that society (both male and female) compliment their dressing with. Ozioko and H. Kuhnlein: Abstract: The Igbos live in southeastern Nigeria and number over 23 million with population densities ranging from 300 to over 1000 persons per kilometer, the highest in West Africa. In addition, there are many similarities between the modern traditional wedding outfits worn by the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups. Nigerian clothing always look impressive and elegant, but different tribes prefer their traditional wear styles. Nowadays it has been replaced by rice. Nigerian designers and tailors highlight their creativity with the customary blouses, wrappers, skirts, dresses, and head ties. They must eat quite healthy there. Interestingly, a recurring color choice for the blouse is gold, and purple wrappers are very popular. In a more native setup, the bride wears short, knee-length skirts, a short blouse, and has her midsection covered in coral beads (known as Gigida). The wedding guests participate in traditional customs, eat local cuisine, and don native outfits for the ceremony. I sent out an email some days back requesting for Hausa food recipes … Children were usually nude from birth until they reached puberty status, but sometimes ornaments such as beads were worn around the waist. Instead, they only wear necklaces made of coral-colored bead. Wine head tie, wine blouse, and blue wrapper. The tradition to let most children stay without clothing until becoming matured people (of course, many girls covered their chest area with beads and necklaces even years ago) has changed. Igbo brides prefer traditional wrappers and blouses and, of course, wear coral bead accessories. The wrappers can be a single- or double-piece, depending on the choice of the wearer. When one speaks about the culture of a tribe, interest is in the art, food, music, language, and even the cultural dance forms. 12 • FOOD The yam is the staple food of the Igbo. Abacha and Ugba, a.k.a. The Hausa tribe is a diverse but culturally homogeneous people based primarily in the Sahelian and Sudanian areas of northern Nigeria and southeastern Niger, with significant numbers also living in parts of Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, Togo, Ghana, and Sudan. I love the attires that these womens use its amazing. The outfits worn by the women are eye-catching, elegant, regal, and thoughtfully designed. Would you like to learn what types of Igbo dressing were preferred centuries ago and are loved in the 21st century? The Hausa people are found in various parts of West Africa. Even though the bride’s family, friends, and associates might choose to wear purple, the material is the same. It is usually paired with plain trousers along with the traditional […] This author loves to research and write about traditional cultures. Low-heeled shoes are ideal for such occasions because of dancing and other vigorous activities. Wedding dresses might have two color designs. Some children had additional accessories added to their ‘undressed look’ around the waist, which were usually the coral-colored beads or other types of ornaments. This is still a particular element of the Igbo traditional attire. Death is culturally a sad occasion because it terminates familial bond. At these traditional weddings, there is a dress code and color theme chosen by the bride and groom. The designer can do virtually anything with the skirt, even adding pieces of other materials to add to the dramatic flair. Traditional Igbo wedding outfits are lovely, lively, and a delightful part of the important ceremony. The dress code should have an ethnic design that complements the rich culture of the geographical area of the bride's heritage. The attires has changed a bit, but still, the influence of the traditions is observed nowadays. Igbo people. 2. READ ALSO: Origin of Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Fabrics Commonly Used For Igbo Men’s Clothing. Among those still engaged in agriculture, men are chiefly responsible for yam cultivation, women for other crops. Modern Nigerians probably can’t imagine Igbo people wearing nearly no clothing on them. The top blouse could be sown as a short-sleeve, sleeveless, or long-sleeve blouse. The greatest population of the Hausas are found in North-western Nigeria, an area commonly known as the “Hausaland… of Political Science & Public Administration, Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria) Looking at today’s women, men and children from Igbo tribe, it is hard to believe that their dressing traditions used to be so different many years ago. The guests, family members, and bride and groom wear fabrics and designs that complement one another. The men use only one of the chosen colors or materials, which they sow into any traditional outfit they favor. Explore their culture and dressing types from olden days to nowadays. We are going to include all Known local Nigerian foods. I love the attires that these women's use its amazing. The handbag should be small and match either the blouse or wrapper to give the outfit a uniform appearance. 1 Quarter IV 2010 ISSN 2229 – 5313 THE EFFECTS OF WESTERN CIVILISATION AND CULTURE ON AFRICA Dare Arowolo (Lecturer, Dept. Centuries ago, Igbo men preferred wearing loincloth which is a piece of garment that covered the private parts of the male body. The head ties in traditional weddings usually match either the blouse or wrapper. Few weeks back I decided to add more local Nigerian food recipes to this blog. (Bast is the plant fibre made from the phloem, the inner bark). Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences Volume 1, No. All cultures have ways of coping with death and grief. However in Nigeria there are many fashion designers and seamstresses that create beautiful cloths on demand. However in Nigeria there are many fashion designers and seamstresses that create beautiful cloths on demand. These people are a lesser known minority ethnic group and they occupy … Learn how to make this correct Nigerian recipe. They will never go out of style. There are wraps for everyday life – cheap and easy, made from coarse fabrics; and wraps for formal occasions – made from expansive imported fabric, with patterns on cloth and different decorations. 10. The real bitter leaf … Nigerian chophouses typically list a number of soups with meat or fish ingredients, served with either pounded yam, eba (steamed garri), semovita or jollof rice. It applies to the groom's friends and family if they choose gold as their theme color. Their culture is very diverse in nature, and a lot of their diversity stems from them being divided into the eastern and midwestern regions by the Niger River. Pounding yam is an effort on its own, and after observing its pounding, you probably value your food a … Who prefers such type of Igbo dressing nowadays? The outfit is not complete without accessories to bring it all together; one of the most important accessories is the orange coral beads around the neck. The colors chosen by the bride’s family might be a different color than those selected by the groom's family. Silver head ties, silver blouse, and magenta wrapper. The festive celebration is filled with joy, happiness, and fun but is incomplete without the high-fashion outfits worn on these joyous occasions. The bride might wear a monochrome colored outfit (dress). They also decorate their traditional wedding attire with coral beads. Eneobong, A.O. The two-wrapper attire is an everyday-wear for the women of Eastern and Niger-Delta part of Nigeria, which includes the Igbo women, and women of other East and South-South states and tribes including Delta state, Edo … Many Igbo men also love wearing hats with their traditional attire. This also applies to footwear, which should match the colors of the outfit, especially the color of the blouse. Igbo men’s traditional wears are unique, smart and trendy. Do you know what is the joke about the bitter leaf soup? Let us talk about Igbo culture and all the different types of Igbo dressing that existed in the past and are popular today. The traditional attire for Igbo women are various wraps. Uzuegbunam, A.O. They look like small copies of grown-ups. The wrapper is usually a different color than the blouse and might be plain or have folds, frills, embroidery, or overlaps, depending on the woman’s taste. Female guests can choose slightly understated coral beads worn on the neck and wrists or crystal beads and a brooch. Igbo traditional wedding also known as Igba nkwu Nwanyi is an age long tradition in the Igbo land. Abacha is a popular cassava dish native to the Igbos and served throughout Igbo land in eastern Nigeria. Igbo Culture | Igbo Language Food and Recipes. Instead of coral beads, beautiful chokers with crystal pendants, including heavy embroidery on the blouse, make a great outfit. As the Igbo culture gradually changed along with the colonization, Igbo male traditional attire started developing into the clothes we’re used to seeing today. Like most tribes in Northern … Makeup is an essential part of the whole process that gives the bride a beautiful, alluring look. Even today women who originated from Igbo tribe love wearing necklaces, beads and pretty ornaments with their traditional and modern attires. Igbo grooms also wear traditional outfits on their big days. She might choose to braid her hair and wear beads woven into the braid. She might also choose to carry a feather hand-fan for effect and to accompany her dancing. Mothers and ladies also like to wear additional wrapper (using 2 instead of 1) and love when this type of dressing is made of Hollandis materials. It is difficult to imagine an Igbo wedding without a traditional attire. A decorative piece such as a brooch, flower, or rose adds to the beauty of the blouse. The Isiagu is a soft shirt with pattern on it – most times gold or red patterns. Instead of wearing a head tie, the bride sometimes wears a cap made from coral beads. Gold head tie, gold blouse, and gold and red skirt. However, the most crucial parts of the attire, like the wrapper, the hat, and the beads remained in the Igbo look until nowadays. Keep on reading this post, and we’ll share the attires worn by Igbo tribe. Igbo Bitter Leaf Soup. Traditional male attire preferred in Igbo culture consists of a special top (it is called Isiagu) and trousers. The earliest evidence of textile manufacture appeared at Igbo-Ukwu and consisted of excavated fragments of unpatterned, bast-fibre cloth dating from the 9th Century. However, each color should represent the color theme for the occasion, such as purple and gold. Are you ready to see what modern Igbo women, children and men wear these days? Some prefer suits, regular shirts, and trousers, but donning clothes that match the color theme shows kinship with the couple. Igbo Dressing Traditionally, the attire of the Igbo generally consisted of little clothing, as the purpose of clothing originally was simply to conceal private parts, although elders were fully clothed. She also wears coral beads on her neck and ivory bangles on both wrists and ankles., Chukwunyerenwa chikodi on April 18, 2018: femi (author) from Nigeria on April 06, 2018: It depends on your geographical location. Igbo traditional attire for men One of the largest and most popular ethnic groups in Nigeria is the Igbo tribe. Large bags are not ideal, but they are useful for carrying gifts for the bride and groom. Jul 22, 2020 - Clothing for traditional marriage in igbo land. If the color choice is gold and blue, the blouse usually is gold, and the skirt or wrapper is blue. SEE ALSO: Trending Side-Twisted Fan Gele Headtie (Pictures) The traditional attire/ dressing of the women of Eastern Nigeria is double-tied-wrapper on a lace blouse.. The Igbo traditional attire of the past generally consisted of little clothing, as the purpose of clothing originally was simply to conceal private parts, although elders were fully clothed. Young women and bridesmaids prefer skirts to wrappers, while married women both young and old prefer the elegant wrappers. However, death, grief and mourning are common life events. Coral-colored beads are still relevant. The styles are brilliant and brightly colored, and there are endless variations, all of which give the men a noble air and flatter the female form. Gold head tie, gold blouse, and blue wrapper. The blouse can have a low or high bust-line or be moderately cut, and it should add to the woman’s beauty. Beautiful Nigerian wedding dress. Igbo Traditional Attires. Modern Igbo female attire consists of an elegant blouse with pretty puffed sleeves and embroidery on clothing (many blouses are made of wax and guipure materials), wrapper and scarf on the head (gele). Today you will mostly meet Igbo people in clothing rather than without clothes. Pink head ties, pink blouse, and purple wrapper. A desire for uniformity and solidarity with the bride and groom dictates that the bride's family and groom's family choose the color theme for the event. The same applies to the material selected by the bride for her people, called the Aso-Ebi. News ★ Look at amazing TYPES OF IGBO DRESSING and learn which Nigerian clothing Igbo people traditionally wear. A cap is also part of the outfit but does not necessarily have to match the outfit. See how Igbo women, men, and children are dressed. It is made using dried shredded cassava, palm oil, potash, chopped onions, salt, dry pepper, ground crayfish, sliced utazi, stock cubes and Ugba. The Tiv people occupy Benue State in North Central Nigeria. Therefore, the caps come in red, black, gold, and other colors commonly seen at these weddings. Isiagu can remind you of another type of dressing loved by Africans – dashiki – but it is still unique for Igbo people who can make it of a fabric of black color without ornaments, use other plain color or give preference to the lion head images on the top. What do you think about different types of Igbo dressing? The groom might add a heavy Agbada with lots of embroidery on top of his native shirt and trousers. The red color plays an important role because historically Igbo people used red accents in their styles as a symbol of suffering they had to experience to develop and grow Igbo community. The traditional outfit worn by the bride is usually a blouse and wrapper or dress. African Salad can serve as a meal as well as a snack. Therefore, if the color theme is pink and purple, then the blouse is pink and the wrapper is purple. Unlike their brides, men don’t add this accessory to their hair. The Igbo land rests on the lower Niger river, with its language divided into numerous dialects unique to subgroups within the Igbo tribe. Photo from The major distinctions are in the ceremony and traditional requirements, which are different, yet serve the same purpose. A traditional wedding is known as igbankwu in the ethnic language of the southeastern Nigerian Igbo, and it is a beautiful ceremony filled with traditional customs and elegant pageantry. It is not known explicitly were the Igbos hail from, as there are no official documentations and evidence to back certain claims. Yam pepper soup is a popular soup in the Igbo land that is consumed for its delicious taste and health benefits. Some grooms also use walking sticks. See more ideas about african attire, african fashion, fashion dresses. So, Igbo brides wear either amazing coral decorative elements on the head or gorgeous gele. The culture of the Igbo people involves their total way of life and by speaking about the culture of a tribe, it includes their interest is in the art, food, music, language, and even the cultural dance forms. it is a good Traditional Dress. The makeup artist should introduce elements and colors similar to the wedding's color theme. 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Sometimes, they use a local fabric called "tie and dye" as a uniform outfit. Pottery found in Nsukka, which bears a remarkable resemblance with modern day Igbo pottery, dated as far back as 2500BC. The coral beads are usually large and prominent, giving balance to the whole ensemble. Other starchy foods include cassava, taro root, maize and plantains. They are considered as a part of the larger Igbo ethnic group. Igbo traditional wedding guests often wear the same color code. ... gear) to complement the dressing. Igbo traditional wear culture has quickly changed after being colonized by West and modern European blouses, pants, trousers, and shirts. Ofe Akwu is a popular Igbo soup called Banga by the Southern parts of Nigeria. Usually, when making this food, a lot of vegetables like uziza leaves and scent leaves are used to boost the nutritional content of the food.