We saw it cut off Frieza's tail, so there's no reason to believe he couldn't be decapitated, and all the other foes obviously don't have a body as resilient as Friezas. It honestly seems that at any point in the first two sagas Krillin could have used a solar flare and while his enemy was distracted just lobbed a destructo disk at their neck. I always thought there was a cool down after using the flare where you needed to recharge before using mire techniques, I don't recall many people immediately following the Solar Flare with a Ki blast. This The Changelings(Frieza's species) photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Nah wouldn't have killed Frieza, could be sliced but because of how friezas race works it wouldn't kill. Btw it breaking on Cell's neck is filler, though I don't have any reason to believe that's not how it'd go down anyway. Mayyyybe most of them but where’s the fun in that? From here on out, Dragon Ball will be more dramatic. Frieza would have killed everyone else? Ki attacks still work on how your Ki compares to your opponent hence why some OP enemies just marched straight up against their opponents without even bothering dodging/deflecting their Ki attacks. He also serves as the overarching antagonist of the entire franchise. 72 Fonds d'écran HD et Arrières-plan Krillin (Dragon Ball). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! then tien, who saw IT earlier would IT cell away and save everyone from cell's self destruct. Krillin was a true soldier and although he managed to get to the point where he'd left Yamcha and (arguably) Tien in the dust, he was so insanely outclassed on Namek. When Freeza reappaeared after the Spirit Bomn, Goku told Gohan and Krillin to run. Krillin certainly took one for the team there. When Goku used the spirit bomb against Freiza, he was really tired and rested on Krillins shoulder. Real talk, I don't think Gohan would have elicited the same reaction. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Des centaines d'images gratuits. Create a gif #animation #Blood #dragon #ball #ani #vegeta #episode #Dragonballz #hd #frieza #kills #trunks #uncut #krillin #funimation Check out these funny GIFs How lame would it be if every time an enemy appears they just use that one attack right away and it’s done? I dont think so. You've been done a looong time ago. Not much he could do as a head though, sure maybe telkinesis perhaps but what is stopping someone from kicking his head like a football? I feel like Freeza would have killed Goku pretty quickly after that, and then killed everyone else. Search results for piccolo gohan GIFs. added by micketo. Enraged by the death of his best friend, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, orders Gohan to take Piccolo to his spaceship, and prepares to battle the awe-stricken Fri… while I'm sure Goku loved his son, he didn't have that bond he had with Krillin. Search, discover and share your favorite Frieza GIFs. I mean after goku turns and Gohan starts leaving, frieza goes to attack them but goku stops him. Wonder if Freeza could potentially find ultra instinct easy enough to achieve? Gifmania France vous permet de télécharger gratuitement de très belles images animées gratuits et anmations. That’s about double any Ginyu except captain which are usually thought to be in the 40,000 range Yamcha at the start of the Android fight is mistaken for Goku (32,000) at time of Vegeta fight with an additional 5 years of training. But yea, even the lighting in the scene demonstrates it. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Krillin animated GIFs to your conversations. If Frieza caused Krillin's Energy to expand, exploding his body and killing him by using a Kenshiro-like technique, that means that it wasn't telekinesis. He certainly was well behind Gohan in terms of his raw power and it's not like this was a secret by this point. Honestly, it would probably be the same. discord.gg/dbz, Press J to jump to the feed. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. If Krillins still alive, my assumption is everyone else is too. That said it's heavily implied that emotion is critical in the SSJ states in order to access increased power. Frieza uses this attack to kill Krillin on planet Namek. I feel like frieza would then proceed to beat goku, gohan witnesses this and he is the one to go rage super saiyan, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! There are actually two points in the series where Krillin had a chance to kill Vegeta. It takes a Genki Dama just to subdue the tyrant, but even that isn’t enough to kill him. What’s worth noting, however, is that Krillin’s death is not depicted by Toriyama. The question is, what would have happened if Frieza had blown up Gohan and Krillin together. Krillin is STATED to be 75,000 (and rising) during the Frieza fight. Every other use was redubbed as "Kienzan". He is a powerful tyrant who was responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta and is the archenemy of the main protagonist, Son Goku. Piccolo can barely handle third form Frieza and Goku’s Kaioken 20x is only half as strong as Frieza’s full strength. When Krillin died at the 21st tournament, Goku snapped; the … discord.gg/dbz, Press J to jump to the feed. Favorite Answer . Like other abridged characters, he is less serious and considerably more comical, which is especially noticeable in the satirizing of his over-usage of black humor, frequently making jokes about the races he's killed off, such as asking how many Namekians it takes to screw a light bulb. Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat [citation needed] According to the Daizenshuu, Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama's second editor, Yū Kondō. the same thing that happened, just more interesting, since it truly was someone gohan cared for, and not some robot he just met. He was already powerful enough to transform to one, and the rage would've come a bit later than it did in the show, when he realises there's no way out and everyone's going to die. Frieza dies anyways. Share the best GIFs now >>> See more krillin GIFs! I just rewatched the whole frieza saga and Goku was already super pissed when piccolo took the hit. Create and share your own piccolo gohan GIFs, with Gfycat I'm guessing there's more to ultra instinct than just that, but still. Part of what made Goku go over the edge was how unfair and petty it was for Frieza to kill Krillin the way he did. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How lame would it be if every time an enemy appears they just use that one attack right away and it’s done? The interesting thing is that it may have been the Zenkai boost from fighting Frieza and being badly hurt that gave Goku the last impulse of power to reach SSJ. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! It immediately sets in a dark tone that ends up ingrained into the series for just about the rest of its run. When Frieza performed his last transformation, he was practically unstoppable. During the fight against second form Frieza Krillin started running from him hiding, and crap which eventually lead to Krillin doing a solar flare attack that stunned Frieza, but instead of him throwing a destructo disk at Friezas head he ran away what a dumbass! IDK but looked like he maybe was going to anyways. Krillin was a major key to the transformation of Goku. Les meilleurs gifs animés peuvent être envoyés avec vos textes. It's still in Kai, but he also yells "Destructo Disc" that time. Answer Save. Deichanluv. 1 decade ago. Vegeta protected Krillin and Gohan throughout nearly the entire saga. As Gohan and Krillin are about to flee to Goku's spaceship by the Saiyan's orders, Frieza kills Krillin with the Death Psycho Bomb, shocking Goku and Gohan. what if cell killed goku? So I guess people like Frieza, Cell and even the Androids would only feel like a nail pinched them or something. That's a good point, Frieza was brought back in pieces in super, but I don't believe he'd be able to control the rest of his body if his head was severed, maybe it would at least temporarily defeat him? In part 1, I discussed what would happen if Krillin killed Vegeta as he was fleeing Earth (if you haven’t read that post, feel free to check out the post right before this one). Search, discover and share your favorite Krillin GIFs. Funny thing is when he used solar flare on Dodoria he couldve thrown a Kiezan at him but they decided to escape. I like how Cell’s ability to regenerate from damage so much more catastrophic than what Piccolo could bounce back from is explainable by Frieza’s DNA being in the mix. In every instance that Krillin attempts his destructo disk, he seems to always miss, but is it possible that Krillin could have defeated Raditz, Nappa, Vegita, most of the Ginyu Force, and maybe even Frieza if actually landed a destructo disk at full power? GG. Gifs animés Krillin (Dragon Ball) gratuit pour forums, blogs, messengers, facebook. 3 years ago. Frieza didn't use telekinesis to kill Krillin. gif death gifs DBZ dragon ball Z dragon ball frieza krillin Freiza best gif best gifs destructo disk Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just a video of the gif I posted of Frieza doing literally the same thing. I doubt frieza lets gohan or krillin escape and Goku had to power to stop him. I got to thinking about how different some events would have been if Krillin had devised the technique earlier in his career. TeamFourStar always makes jokes about that. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Téléchargez gratuitement sur tous vos appareils - Ordinateur, Smartphone ou Tablette. frieza japenese … So one of two things could have happened: Krillin runs and is killed by Freeza and Goku turns or: They escape, Goku stays and fights, and most likely dies. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Killing off Krillin is a rather bold way to close out the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. Oh my!". Relevance. It’s not ever directly stated but it just makes too damn much sense in light of RoF. According to Akira Toriyama, Frieza's design is an amalgamation of what he thought monsters looked like in his childhood. I assume Goku would've still turned Super Saiyan, even if Krillin escaped. Frieza Saga is considered to be a part of the overall Namek Saga and anyway the op says ''Krillin at the Cell Saga fighting Vegeta while in the Freiza Saga and no Oozaru in this''. Fieza Killing Krillin. In season 3, what if Frieza had never killed Krillin? After barely surviving Goku's Large Spirit Bomb, an injured and angered Frieza nearly kills Piccolo with a Death Beam fired through his chest. Here’s post number 2 in my 2 part post where I speculate the consequences of Krillin killing Vegeta. Frieza is one of the main antagonists of the Dragon Ball franchise. Frieza takes his revenge by nearly killing Piccolo, promising to kill Gohan, and blowing up Krillin into a thousand pieces. 7 Answers. What would goku"s reaction if frieza Killed Gohan Insted of krillin i want to know what is reaction would be and where is there going to be new episodes of dbz kai because the only episodes there is are repeats. I assume Goku would've still turned Super Saiyan, even if Krillin escaped. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Freeza is almost the same as he is in the actual series. That's probably how it'd go down with anyone considerably stronger than Krillin. After all he seems to be able to control his body parts without relying on his brain anyway. That was the first time I've seen someone mention season in Dragon Ball. - Wallpaper Abyss - Page 3 If he had, maybe he would have been alive to fight King Piccolo alongside Tien and Goku. In every instance that Krillin attempts his destructo disk, he seems to always miss, but is it possible that Krillin could have defeated Raditz, Nappa, Vegita, most of the Ginyu Force, and maybe even Frieza if actually landed a destructo disk at full power? Do you think that Goku had never gone Super Saiyan? Whether he would've transformed? Krillin was really the first peer Goku could relate to, and he grew up all his life with that. He shows no concern for his underlings and employees, killing them to intimidate his right-hand m… Burter Buu Captain ginyu Cell Cell junior Chibi trunks Cooler Dabura Frieza Gogeta Gohan Goku: Goten Gotenks Great saiyaman Guldo Jeice Kaioshin Krillin Master roshi Others Pan Piccolo Raditz: Recoome Satan Tien Trunks Ubuu Vegeta Vegito Yamcha Zangya Zarbon Vous pouvez aussi télécharger des gifs spécialement créés pour le site. I imagine though it could be a deadly move if an opponent was completely caught off-guard. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. I remember realizing how incredibly OP Cell was when I was a kid when I saw that. photo. https://media1.tenor.com/images/264117db07e29e3569e29320a8d779ad/tenor.gif?itemid=8880636, Krillin throwing disks and immediately killing every foe in the show is definitely not where I wanted the story to go I was moreso curious to see if others thought the same. He is the self-proclaimed "Emperor of the Universe" whose goal is to conquer the universe and achieve immortality. Share your answers below.