You should also note the bottle type. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Flacons de parfum vintage, Flacons de parfum, Flacons. If it is kicky and light, seductive and heavy, romantic and sweet, you need to write it down and describe a few scenarios that the scent brings to mind. If you have ever used the … Thanks for that help in advance …. When you open a bottle of perfume, the liquid will begin to vaporize at room temperature, and the scent will spread through the air. chinook 10/21/17 17:13. Please leave a comment below (for example: of why you liked the fragrance, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories, what it reminded you of, maybe a relative wore it, or you remembered seeing the bottle on their vanity table), who knows, perhaps someone from the company brand might see it. The creation was that of a man in a top hat and bow tie. Plaisirs à Savourer Accueil; Collections. This is sexy as hell. Sep 13, 2016 - Height with atomiser-13 cm,without-9cm. Tiger84 01/15/17 06:48. It has vanilla undertone to it. Menu 0. Ahhhh Bal A Versailles I am yours and you will be mine! After sorting out their use of the Faberge jewelers' name in 1951, the company was sold in 1964. Learning how to describe perfume can be tough so thanks for the ideas, A question, do you know of any brand to recommend that have musks scents that are floral yet woody but light and not heavy? Free Download Categories. At minimum, you need to indicate whether or not the bottle has any dents, scratches, chips, stains, or worn spots. 4 oct. 2020 - parfum hors collection, et que je rêve de possèder. I can't even describe how I'm feeling with this on right now. Step 3. Share. 1. Vintage Perfume Bottle Packaging. The item “Very Rare Vintage 1950s CARON LA FETE DES ROSES Perfume Splash Bottle, 60% Full” is in sale since Saturday, November 7, 2020. Plaisirs à savourer vous propose de jouir de la vie en savourant les divers délices et plaisirs de la vie pleinement, alors, visitez toute la Boutique de "Plaisirs à savourer". Its a lovely fresh scent, slightly sweet mixed with floral fragrance. I need your help and your thoughts! Or click on a letter of the alphabet below – and it’ll take you to a collage of all the ingredients that start with that letter. Ornate and rare perfume bottles can sell for up to $100 USD. Reply. Please describe the issue so we can … Such a pity that it is hardly available anymore. Perfume Flacon Bottle Mockup. There are even Retro Packaging Designs that are fit for certain occasions, holidays, or even parties. One of the biggest challenges in perfumery is the continuous question of “How Do You Describe Perfume”. There are many different kinds of perfume, those that contain alcohol are watered down. Perfume Bottles The perfume bottle shown below is a reproduction of an antique bottle. Solution for Describe how the molecules in a perfume bottle travel from the bottle to your nose. Since it was a gift set, I expected the bottle to not be made of glass, but as a delightful surprise, it was! They are typically measured in milliliters (ml) or ounces. Type: Storage Bottles & JarsMetal Type: AluminumPackaging: 1Model Number: xbx094Material: MetalSize: SFeature: Eco-FriendlyFeature: FoldingCondiments Container styles: Cover with HoleCapacity: 5Use: Bottles Atomizer. Items and products could come in various designs and creative packaging. Choose a price range that you believe you are willing to spend on your bottles and labels. Perfumes are sold in a variety of bottle sizes which indicate the volume of fluid in the bottle, decant or vial of scent. Describe the bottle and the scent (smell) That wont be easy and funny at all . Here, you can read about literally hundreds of the different perfume elements in use today. It’s a smell that 90% of people will enjoy, everyone has their own taste, however if you haven’t smelt the perfume before, this is a safe purchase. Erica says: October 21, 2017 at 10:09 pm . Please leave a comment below (for example: of why you liked the perfume, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories), who knows, perhaps someone from the company might see it. To perfume molecule, the path from the perfume bottle in the bathroom to your nose 2 m away is much like the path through a busy shopping mall during a clearance sale. He is the first perfume bottle designer to write a book about his craft, and to describe the design process from original sketches to models, to working with glass manufacturers on engineering drawings, to actual production and the "theater of the launch". When measured in ounces this is generally indicated by fl oz. This perfume comes nicely packaged and is part of the fun water collection. Hi Stardust, There are many really great floral/woody/musk perfumes at very different price points. I tried to rub it off in several different ways but I still feel like even my mouth is full of this. Versatile PSD file that allows you to change all colors, including the one of the liquid. by iice (f): 2:34pm On Sep 21, 2008; Yeah but its a start Like is it fresh, crisp, sweet, musky, flowery Is it strong, light, powdery blah blah. This is all synthetic, laboratory chemical smell. Any response would be helpful. Create a posting with a photo of your item and describe its condition. Perfume bottles once again became elaborate and luxurious. So strong that words can't describe it. Consider the final price you will be asking for the perfume itself and incorporate that into the price range of the bottle. It is usually in liquid form and used to give a pleasant scent to a person's body. This is their "Sarah" bottle and features a draped nude amongst flowers and is made of pink glass. What's wrong with this item? In good working condition. Items you see in my vintage section I have found during last 5 years, mostly in London or Kent. Lancôme released Magie in 1950, held in a beautiful Baccarat bottle with stars. Perfume (UK: / ˈ p ɜːr f j uː m /, US: / p ər ˈ f j uː m /; French: parfum) is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. Report Mockup. I describe items to the best of my ability but it is possible that I may have missed something. What is mean free path? Download Eco-friendly Perfume Bottle Packaging. Re: How Do You Describe A Perfume Who's Name You Do Not Know? This item is in the category “Collectibles\Vanity, Perfume & Shaving\Perfumes\Other Perfume Collectibles”. Solution for Describe how the molecules in a perfume bottle travel from the bottle to your nose. If inquired about the shape would be very difficult to describe, which adds to the intriguing factor of the bottle itself. Dimensions: 1350 x 1800 px at 300 dpi. It may be the perfect perfume. The perfume's scent lasts for the whole day, so one or two sprays in the morning had lasted the day. by velmaN(f): 8:49am On Apr 22, 2009; I was … Title: Rare Antique Perfume Bottle Grenoville Bluet 1913 Baccarat Crystal Damaged, Status: SOLD, Category: Antiques & Collectibles:Perfume Bottles:Bottles, Shop: Time in a Bottle, Description: Baccarat crystal perfume bottle made for Grenoville perfumes in 1913. Is a perfume brand important for you? I must posses this fragrance!!! It looks like a Viard design but I believe the designer was Henry Addor. Our noses can distinguish 1 Trillon different smells but we struggle to articulate the differences, character or nuances of a fragrance.. For this reason, the perfume industry has to a degree developed its own set of words, classification systems and various other aids to help in this task. Re: How Do You Describe A Perfume Who's Name You Do Not Know? The sleek simplistic design suits the extravagantly geometrical shape extremely well as it seems so simple yet so complex. Thanks so much in advance! Perfume bottles may have a range of unique features, from cork-style stoppers to squeeze-bulb atomizers. The perfume bottles continue Lovegrove’s search into the possibilities of generative design – unifying technology, materials science and organic forms as a way of creating a new aesthetic that feels biological rather than mechanical, and which speaks of this century. Cosmetics Packaging. This bottle is a modern addition to the usually rather classically shaped perfume bottles. Glass tops with cork stoppers, for example, indicate that a bottle was made between 1870 and 1920. Perfume is a liquid substance that you put on your body that smells good to the wearer. Unless somebody here is desperate for a migrane, it goes straight into the trash. The perfume bottle is so cute, with its base being a cloud and the glass bottle that's a light blue like the sky. The molecule travels only a short distance before it collides with another molecule, changes direction, only to collide again, and so on. It’s musky, yet has a tiny hint of flower, it’s not overpowering in the slightest. T. Terpenic —sharp, piney and biting. Describe your perfect perfume: You can include anything from scent, buying experience, memories, packaging, etc: 2. Download More Than just Packaging. There is a reason why this sells for less than $15 ( for a French perfume no less ). Describe the bottle. I`m doing my best to describe the items and trying to show damages,scratches etc,but if there`s any special question- feel free to ask List on online auction sites if you have rare perfume bottles. It comes in a 100ml lovely glass spray bottle and has a light purple/lilac tint to it. Step 2. A free sample mockup (check out the full version) of a floating perfume bottle. Hello friends, I am working on a research paper regarding buying behavior of perfumes. Uh, oh! Most perfumes will be sold in standard spray bottles, but if the bottle is an atomizer, that detail is worth noting. Describing perfume on amazon an review is never the easiest task, however I’d describe it as a very mature smell. Cary Grant became a well paid "creative consultant" for … How To Describe Perfume The perennial and elusive question of how to describe a perfume has risen at one of Spain's top style magazines, EL TOCADOR and journalist Ana Fernandez Parrilla accosted me to provide her with some insights. Connect with potential collectors on online auction platforms, such as Ebay. Some of these features will be essential in determining the age of the bottle, while others will greatly affect the market value of the piece. For a deeper understanding, Wallpaper* met with the Welsh designer at his Notting Hill studio in London. Woodhue was produced by Faberge a perfume company launched in 1937 as an upmarket perfume house. This perfume has a light subtle scent to it, so it's not strong and overpowering. via I'm pleased to see the published article and hope that it is of some enjoyment to our Spanish-speaking readers.