Some padding to reinforce the seat under the deck and a little less sloppy on the sealant around hatches would go a long way. All in all if your not wanting to spend multiple thousands on a first kayak this would be a great starter kayak for you. 133X Yak-Power Sit-On. All in all, the new Ascend FS12T is a great option for an entry level kayak. You have to work pretty hard to deform it even a little. 2* side carry handles Sit-On-Top Kayaks. You can totally forget about anything bigger then 10lbs. ascend h12 vs 12t Sign in to follow this . These kayaks are also much lighter than pedal kayaks, which makes them ideal for transporting on the top of a car, or in the bed of a truck. So first off I'd like to say after being in a Coleman ultimate 100 for the better part of a decade; this boat is a dream. 417-873-5034 However if you compare this to the Old Town Predator dollar for dollar at half the cost. This seat only moves forward and backward and with a deck revision, I might consider making it a high low seat and not worry about forward or back. This extra comfort will enable you to stay out on the water much longer without back pain. Lashing Strap for seat The lure is indeed a large, heavy kayak! Here is a list of my pro's/con's: Ascend 12T: Pros - stable, wide, fishability seems great, removable seat Cons - slow, heavy, a little bit more expensive Pescador 12: What other people are saying about this kayak: While not the most advanced fishing kayak on the market, or the most comfortable, it does come with plenty of fishing features that will help make your time on the water that much more enjoyable. I have absolutely NO CLUE how but water gets into the hull every single time the boat gets wet. 4* Ram Mount 2.5-Inch w/18-Inch Long Extension Poles This year we took the Ascend FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak to the lake, and to the river, broke out some fishing tackle, and enjoyed the mobile fishing experience. The Rod holder that it comes with on the side is not usable bc of where it is placed. Even with the holes I can see why water doesn't drain the outside river water rests naturally 1/4" form the top of the deck while the boat is empty - once you get in its right level with the top of the deck. Personally I have the 2014 12t. Also added a couple cleats because I had them laying around. This was actually my first kayak and for the price, you can't beat it. Ascend is a newer boat brand in the marine industry, manufacturing boats that span in size from 9 feet to 13 feet. This can be super beneficial when your preferred fishing grounds are several miles away. Because it is so stable, you give up things like speed. so the floor is wet all the time - constantly. This would be a good place for the rod holder if you were using trolling motor but there isn't anywhere to mount one unless you want to spend some time fabricating something. 1st that thing is a serious PAIN to adjust and a pain to even get in the lock holder. 8" dry pocket The FS12T comes standard with 2 flush mount rod holders, large 18” x 10” dry storage hatch, and large tank well and fully scuppered deck. No WAY will it hold it. A great starter kayak that meets these requirements and is also under $600 is the Ascend fs12t. I just bought my first kayak from bass pro a couple days ago. Ocean kayak refers to the Prowler Big Game 2 as it's “battleship” and for good reason! It's a combination of a sit-on-top and sit-inside kayak. document.getElementById('cloak49587').innerHTML += '' + addy49587+'<\/a>'; I have an Ascend 10T and love it. The Lure comes standard with much of the same fishing accessories that you would expect from one of the best fishing kayaks on the market. Check it out! This is such a vast improvement over the previous strap in seat that I had to mention it first. You should be quite comfortable for several hours on the water. It is notably cheaper than many of its competitors. The main reason I haven't is of course is procrastination but for the sake of this blog we will just say it was to learn and use the kayak more increase the weight of the review! By this time and the experience I was having with this thing I wasn't taking any chances, so just tossed it out. Ascend designers combined stand-up paddleboard characteristics with a sit-on-top kayak fishing platform with open deck access and customization options. While the Big Game 2 doesn't come standard with rod holders, it does come with 6 replaceable mounting plates. Sorry this was so long but I hope this helps. It has tons of storage space, it's very stable, and has a very comfortable seat. I think it might work better to use as an umbrella holder, as long as the wind isn't blowing or even slightly breezy might work for that but will have to relocate it. These kayaks are also much more stable than their sit-inside counterparts, making it easier to stand up and sight fish if you want to. ... (5 hour round trip) to my "local" Bass Pro to look at the ascend fs12t, and for kicks the 128t. The Ascend “FS12T” is a great kayak for the budget tight kayak fisherman. They are not there for you to ram your feet into but to no avail I have cracks. I just pulled the stuff off and rethreaded with some stronger stuff. I climbed in the hull with an extension camera to check the seals of the stuff I had added they are very solid non-leaking attachments. However, if you happen to flip while out on the water, it is extremely hard to get back inside. Also, a lot of people think that if you have a camo colored kayak, people won't intrude on your secret spot because they will have a hard time seeing you fishing there. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A large open cockpit includes 5 position foot rests, large catch-all tray, adjustable cushioned seat, and other work areas.